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Right now I can feature your surgery, firm or business and drop it onto the page for your city. At present these pages for Capital Cities are down some pages from the top of Google’s rankings. That may not be any better where your site is now, but my intention is to work hard to get many of these pages to Google page 1 for terms important for your customers’ searches in any city, and to keep them there. Then, you will be pleased your site is there.
To get there I need more content. The content itself brings more traffic and then the traffic means more want to be there as content, and so it goes.

Some pages are already in top10 for computer repair terms and other pages are moving up.
You know how beneficial it is to have your business showing at the top of a search
and how much more likely a potential customer is going to click on a page 1 link than on a page 10 link.

How much would you pay for just one new client every week?

Cosmetic surgeries, personal injury law firms, independent financial planners can have their sites featured here now for free. Free for at least three months. After that there may be a small rental but that would be so low compared with PPC or paid advertisements I’m sure you’ll stay.

All the usual ways of getting a site to rank well require the getting of many links to that site.
Google is becoming tougher on links and is ignoring sites with links that it considers not meeting its criteria.
Google acceptable links are becoming harder to get.
I make no links to your site other than directly from your TOP6 page, and therefore there is no risk of bad links.
It follows also that if you leave your featured spot on TOP6 then you have no risk of having a trail of bad links that you need to hunt down.
So, you can try this new way of being seen risk free, for free.

That’s a good deal.

Interested? Then what I need from you is

1. To know that you offer best practice
2. The City Location you want
3. In HTML format a good description of your business and services offered (based on your website probably).
This would be your website reduced onto one page.
It would include all relevant short and long tail keywords and links to your website, (or phone from mobile).
It is what a visitor to this site would see, and it is also what the search engines see and index when they crawl this website.
The text needs to be brief but containing the terms that potential clients search for, and also inviting.

1. TOP6 is not a directory site listing all and sundry but will only feature a very select few.
2. There is no fixed term. You can opt out at any time and let another Firm take your place.
3. BONUS FOR FIRST MOVERS. FREE TRIAL FOR 3 MONTHS, and then any rental would be at agreed price not more than $30 per month for featured sites for next 2 years for Capital City, and less for other cities. .
4. Payment month in advance by Paypal. Cancel at end of any month.
5. Performance. There is no specific performance guarantee.
(I have resources enough to get all pages ranking, and will do my utmost to keep them ranking.
6. “Top 10” means the top 10 businesses or firms offering services and excludes directories and advertisements for jobs, and general news items returned by the search engine.
7. Your choice for getting your site seen in top 10 is a shared Metro City wide site or just-for-you page for any Suburb and surrounding suburbs or regional City of your choice. You may have several.
8. You submit the text (with maximum of 2 links and 1 phone link) and images (and title, link URL, alt text, description and caption for images) in HTML format occupying approximately one normal screen.
9. You may need to make some editing. Any editing other than minor ad hoc edits necessary by myself or others may be billed at $50/hour.

I am not wanting to replace your SEO people, nor to alter your site in any way, (Unless you ask) but…

If you prefer a more direct way of getting your site seen by more potential clients then
I will get your site itself ranked within top 10 within 2 months, just as it is, and keep it there, for $450 per month.
If not within 2 months then for free until it is within top 10.

ACT NOW. Get set in your preferred location before any competitor does.
Contact me : 0413182583


Banner ad at top of any specific page

half banner 350 x 150 $10 per month
full banner 750 x 150 $20 per month


1.All banner ads are jpg format and whole image is clickable linking to your site.
Separate small “CALL” image can link to mobile phone. The pages are mobile responsive and shrink gracefully to phone or tablet screen size.
2.If you aren’t able to make an image and want text ad send the text
3.Paid monthly in advance by paypal. There is no fixed term. Cancel at end of any month.

David Kemp

27 th December 2014.

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